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November 19, 2023

Singing the Psalms, Thanksgiving for Sinners

This past Sunday, I enjoyed preaching at my local church. This is my first time to preach since being ordained and my first time to preach from the Psalms. It was particularly rewarding. Psalm 100 is the only psalm named “A Psalm of Giving Thanks,” which was suitable for our short series by the same name. You can watch the video on YouTube or read the manuscript. I also have a wallpaper made by the sermon artwork. I hope you enjoy it.

Featured Article

Explore the connection between humility and gratitude, exemplified by an African tribe’s practice of sitting quietly outside a hut to express thanks and paralleled in the Biblical story of the grateful leper in Luke 17.

Now, for some notable links …

#Thanksgiving I always enjoy reading the CrippleGate articles. I found one drawing attention to the evangelistic nature of Psalm 100, which is an interesting point to consider in this Old Testament proclamation to worship God. Thanksgiving can be used for the Gospel.

#CurrentEvents Is the Israel-Hamas War REALLY a Sign of the End Times? This video by Todd Friel is helpful when thinking through a biblical approach to the end times and what is happening in Israel.

#Parenting Is your child coming home for the holidays? Russell Gehrlein guides parents in adapting to their college-aged children’s growing independence, emphasizing the transition from obedience to honor, adapting to adult relationships, trusting God through change, and embracing their child’s development as part of God’s plan.

#ChristianLife Here is some help for you who have difficulty building relationships at church. Seek genuine community with Drew Hunter. Or, see what he says about the six ingredients of true friendship#ForFun Clayton Kraby recommends 57 books every Christian should own, and he would be sad with my collection. In other entertainment, you can now see interesting homes from all over the world, without traveling.


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Weekly Wallpaper

In the famous Psalm of Thanksgiving, the psalmist invites God’s people to summon the sinners to sing the song of salvation by giving thanks through worship. Be reminded that God commands all people to come into His gates prepared to worship with thanksgiving.

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For the Kingdom,
Jacob Abshire

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