Creatively Making Disciples

Nothing is more thrilling to me than merging the creative arts with academic teaching to make Disciples of Christ. This is why I foster biblical discipleship through creative training resources. In doing this, each living moment moves beyond the ordinary, no matter how socially mundane, to the extraordinary.

Learning Discipleship

No one disciples anyone unless they are first discipled themselves. For this reason, I’ve dedicated part of this website to personal growth in Christ. With over a hundred resources on teaching, leading, parenting, marriage, and more, there is something for all people in all walks of life. And, the resources continue to grow.

Teaching Discipleship

To equip you as a disciple to disciple others, I work to develop creative teaching guides and other related resources to use in a personal or group setting. This will enable others to take part in the discipleship process, making it easier for them to lead others to God’s saving grace and His sanctifying power. These resources are available as free downloads.

Propelling Discipleship

Discipleship is a community effort that requires the continual washing of God’s Word. There are hundreds of creative resources like posters, wallpapers, study guides, and more to propel you in your discipleship process.