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When I was a young student of the Bible, it was hard to find sound material from godly pastors and teachers that I could afford. Books were costly, especially to a new husband and father. I worked two jobs for over 10 years to help support the family and gather academic and expositional resources. The Internet was not yet replete with the works we can now find by spiritual giants of the past and present.

I don’t want to be an obstacle to the next young student, so everything is available for free use. I am not concerned much with being known as the author, but I do ask that you properly cite all usages with the copyright above when you are able. This is so people may come to the site to find additional material that may help them.

Finally, if you do cite any information, please do not alter any of the text for any reason in any way—my name is attached to it, not yours. I don’t want anyone led down a road that I didn’t intend to take them. So, please consider the content as it is published on the site when reproducing or distributing it. Other than that, copy on.