I foster discipleship through creative teaching resources.

I am the author of Forgiveness: A Commentary on Philemon and Faith: A Commentary on James (Truth411). Both belong to a series of “reader’s commentaries” I started in 2011. Additionally, I’ve written several small group Bible studies featured under the Resources. I serve in my local church as the Adult Discipleship Leader and creative director. I also serve closely with my pastor, Del Traffenstedt, preaching on Sundays. To pay the bills, I work for DigitalChalk and spearhead a team at Resolute Creative.

This is my personal blog. Although I like variety, my focus is on Christian life. My aim is to guide others closer to God’s Word in order that they find the riches of God’s truth and the glory of God’s Son. Therefore, I write on Scripture exposition, Christian living, ministry leadership, and creativity. Occasionally, I’ll contribute some stuff that doesn’t quite fit into those categories but may be related to my vocation—things like design and development. In 2023, I launched a video component to my ministry called The Disciple Shift.

If you are a Christian in search of deeper understanding of God’s Word and ideas to better serve Christ in your family, church, or ministry, this blog is for you. If you are all of that and a web nerd, then make this your home page.

The Other People

My family is pictured above. The ugly one, two heads from the left, is me. The handsome lad in the black sweat shirt is my son and first born, Justus. He is a focused gentleman with a level of intelligence that exceeds your college degree. Justus was diagnosed with autism when he was very young. By God’s grace, he has matured into a young man who is helpful around the house and opens doors for ladies.

The second born is Karys (from the Greek, charis, which means gift of grace). She is the one sitting rather gracefully on the far left. An artist in all respects, Karys reads, colors, paints, draws, designs, thinks, and plays the violin—sometimes at the same time. Rumor in the family is that she is my mini-me. I think it is because of her good looks.

The third born is Kylee. She is the clever one on the far right. Every family has a fun-shine in it, and she is ours. Kylee has more energy bottled up than anyone I know and channels it into summersaults, flips, volume, jokes, fashion shows, concerts, bike riding, and whatever else comes to her mind at the moment. Our home is never boring because of her.

The fourth and final born to the family is Kinsley. She is almost center with the blue jean jacket. Though very young, she is very capable of showing her uniqueness. Kinsley’s middle name is Elizabeth, and she walks around like the Queen of England—sometimes literally. Discipled by her older sisters, she takes on a good blend of the two—smart, fun, creative, energetic, and afraid of nothing.

I love to talk about my family, but one shines the most. In their own ways, my children radiate the goodness of God in a way that fills my heart with joy. All that is good in them can be found in my wife. My children are like instruments playing a composite tune of her. She is sitting next to me in the photo. Her name is Kathy. The character and accomplishments of my family are to her credit. Kathy’s beauty is shown in our family. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she is easy on the eyes.

Additional Stuff

From time to time, I am asked questions about my beliefs and licensing to use any of the things I contribute online. These additional resources should help: