Personal Highlights for 2015 and Anticipations for 2016

by Jacob Abshire on January 5, 2016

When the ball dropped in New York, we were circled around a table with cards in our hands. In the center of the table were a number of spoons less than the number of players. We love this game as a family.

This was our first New Year’s at home in a while. My wife and niece grabbed some fake champagne and glasses, the whistles and charms, and even the pull-string firecrackers that shoot the confetti. We played up to the last minute of the countdown.

God has been good to me and my family. The joy we experienced this night was proof of it. We laughed, played, cracked jokes, threw cards, fought over spoons, and accidentally shook an opened bottle of sparkling grape juice. Yep, it went everywhere.

Highlights from Last Year

I started seminary. This was a big decision for me. I was very nervous about returning to school because I felt so detached from the learning system and thought I would fail miserably. It turns out that I am not that bad. With one year finished, six courses completed, and nothing below a 96 … I’m feeling good about it. Unfortunately, it redirected nearly every goal I had for writing.

I started writing for the church. Since my joy is creative disciple making, I was pleased to hear my pastor wanted me on a team of curriculum writers at our church. We are entrusted with the development of our adult life group material. This is right in tune with my personal efforts, so it was not a big change—not until he positioned me as the team leader. This was unexpected, but also something I enjoy. God is growing me.

I saw my son score a touchdown. Actually, I’ve seen him score several. Working from home has its benefits. I don’t have to miss my children’s activities. This year, my son played football for the first time. And, he is surprisingly good. After that, he jumped right into basketball. He is proving to be a sports guy, and we never expected it.

I met some wonderful people. This was our first full year at the church, and it has been tough to find our place. I admit we are still searching to some degree, but we have found some wonderful people who have become dear friends. I hope that I can reciprocate their love and care this year.

I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Do I really need to say more?

Anticipations for This Year

On a personal note, I hope to do a mission trip out of the country … which is a big deal because I barely get out of the house. Just hours before writing this, someone surprised us at a restaurant and told us that he wanted to sponsor a trip for me and my wife. I was totally taken aback and didn’t know what to say. I just stared. My wife cried. God is so good.

There are a few books queued up and ready for publishing this year. One was a workbook that I launched yesterday. Others are related to small groups: The Art of Small Group and The Anatomy of a Discussion Guide. My church is allowing me to release curriculum produced by our writing team. The first one will be released in a few weeks called Jesus: The Supreme One. It is a series from Hebrews. At least two other small group guides are being finished as well.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There is plenty more to talk about, but rather than eating my words, I’ll yield myself to God’s plan and see what happens.

Do you have plans or goals to achieve this year?

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