Conquer Your Goals (Free Workbook)

Conquer Your Goals (Free Workbook)

It’s that time again. Resolutions. Goals. Resetting life and starting a new year.

Last January I wrote a series of posts on goal setting and how to attack them. The series was so well received (and helpful) that I decided to follow it up with a workbook based on the feedback I received from readers. Additionally, I wanted to write a paperback book with a more thorough guide on conquering goals.

Today, I’m excited to give you the workbook for free.

Additionally, all who subscribe for the workbook will be the first to receive a special discount toward the purchase of the paperback when it is finished later this year.

The free workbook gives you the tools and guides you need to plan, plot, and conquer you goals. It includes more than 15 short chapters and exercises. If you want this year to be a productive one, this can help you.

Conquer Your Goals with This Free Workbook

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