Attacking Goals: Make Time to Celebrate Your Achievements

by Jacob Abshire on January 30, 2015

When a battle is won, commemorate your victory.

You’ve come along way now. First, you started by setting SMART, comprehensive goals with God’s glory and will in mind. You supported those with key motivations and independent chunks. After that, you planned your attack on goals right down to the day and started to attack by making the first step, points to review, efforts to ask, and creating a punch list. Only one thing remains.


If you’re not the kind of person who celebrates achievements, give it a try. Celebrate the victories in your battle against goals. It will encourage you and give you something to look forward to. It may even spur others along in their goal attacking.

Here are three keys for ideal celebrations.

Celebrate Victories

Depending on your goals, it’s good to celebrate at key moments in your progress. The most obvious time is at completion. But if you have goals that stretch to the end of the year, you should consider key points along the way. For instance, my family is reading through the Bible this year. So, when we finish a month of reading, we go out to eat pizza to celebrate.

Celebrate Appropriately

Your celebrations should be appropriate to your achievement. When you triumph over big goals, have big celebrations. For small goals, have small celebrations. You want to train yourself to look forward to the appropriate reward. The longer you wait, the harder you work, the bigger your celebration should be.

Celebrate Together

Finally, celebrate with others. It’s particularly important to include those who helped you reach your goal. People who invested in your goal should be rewarded and celebrate the victory with you. Your family, although they may not have directly contributed to reaching your goal, they did play a vital role. Bring them along and celebrate together. It will encourage you and others to reach their goals.

Now that celebration is over, get back to battle!

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