Attacking Goals: Make Motion to Act

by Jacob Abshire on January 26, 2015

It’s battle time.

Everything we’ve done so far led to this moment. We’ve created SMART goals with key motivationschunked and planned our goals, and even scheduled them down to the hour. If nothing else, we are ready to attack our goals.

Unfortunately, many will never reach their goals because they never take the first step to get started. For them, it’s the hardest part in attacking goals. It is, however, the most necessary. Without starting, you are guaranteed to fail. Duh.

Here are some things to keep in mind. Even if you’re not among those worried about getting started, this will help you take the first step in confidence.

Don’t Think, Do

In the second installment of Night at the Museum, General Custer cries out in a moment of excitement, “We’re Americans! We don’t plan, we do!” And he charges into battle. I love that quote! When it comes to taking the first step in attacking your goals, think along the lines of Custer—don’t think, do.

Remember, you’ve already done the thinking and planning. Everything’s ready. Hit the ignition and drive! Put your shoes on and walk. Don’t complicate it. Make moves. Do!

Don’t Worry, Trust

Thinking too much can stop you from getting started. So can worry. “What if my plan fails? What if I forgot a step? What if things don’t go the way I expected?” There’s no reason to worry about these things. You did your work to plan the attack.

Reality is this: plans fail, steps are missed, and things don’t go the way you expect at times. But you can make adjustments later. Remember, God is in control of tomorrow. You need to start and let God move your steps as needed. Trust your plan. Trust your God.

Don’t Stop, Go

If you’re not thinking too much and worrying about what may or may not happen, then you’re ready to go. Don’t hesitate. Take the first step. Tackle your first chunk. Finish your first day. Don’t look too far ahead. Look at what you need to do today and get it done.

By completing your daily chunks, you are energizing yourself for the next day. There’s something about completing tasks that makes us feel alive and accomplished. If you set your mind on finishing only one goal at a time, you will build momentum and ride the wave you create.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at making points to review. In these reviews, you’ll be able to assess your chunks and make any necessary changes.

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