Ezra 7: Second Return

Scriptures: Ezra 7:10
by Jacob Abshire on February 12, 2024
Ezra, guided by the Lord and armed with King Artaxerxes’ decree, leads a second wave of returning Jews, receiving resources to enhance the Temple and restore Jerusalem.


“For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the LORD, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel.” (Ezra 7:10)


In Ezra 7, we delve into the pivotal role of Ezra, a learned scribe deeply versed in the Scriptures, whose dedication to studying God’s word shapes the course of his journey. As he leads a second group of exiles back to Jerusalem, Ezra is notably empowered not just by his scholarly devotion but also by divine favor, as indicated by the repeated affirmation that “the hand of Yahweh his God was upon him” (Ezra 7:6, 9). This divine endorsement is portrayed as both a consequence and a validation of his diligent engagement with the Scriptures.

Ezra’s commitment to God’s word is a central theme of this chapter. His meticulous study does more than inform; it transforms him into an instrument of God’s purpose. The narrative highlights how his scholarly pursuits in God’s law are seamlessly intertwined with the practical outworking of his mission. Significantly, King Artaxerxes’ decree authorizing Ezra’s return to Jerusalem comes with substantial resources to beautify the Temple and restore the city. This royal endorsement and provision signify a remarkable convergence of human authority and divine directive.

The chapter culminates in Ezra’s heartfelt praise to God, acknowledging the Lord’s hand in moving the king’s heart. This expression of gratitude encapsulates the theme of divine providence working through human actions. Ezra’s story in this chapter exemplifies how devotion to God’s word and recognition of His sovereignty can lead to significant outcomes in fulfilling His plans, encouraging us to seek God’s guidance in our endeavors and to acknowledge His providential hand in our achievements.


Ezra 7 powerfully demonstrates that those who diligently seek the Lord through His Word are graced with His guiding hand. This truth is an essential reminder that to experience God’s presence and direction in our lives, we must immerse ourselves in Scripture. Do you yearn for God’s hand to be upon you, to witness His workings in your life, and desire the same for your children? 

The key lies in cultivating a deep, consistent relationship with Him through studying His Word. Just as Ezra’s dedication to Scripture equipped him for his monumental task, our devotion to God’s Word can prepare and empower us for the roles He has for us. Therefore, commit today to delve into the Bible, not just as a routine but as a passionate pursuit of God’s heart. As you do, trust that this investment of time and spirit will bear fruit, shaping your life and influencing those around you, echoing Ezra’s impact in his time. Let the study of God’s Word become the foundation from which God’s plans for you unfold, just as it did for Ezra.


Lord, I pray for a heart deeply rooted in Your Word so that I may see and know You more intimately each day. May Your hand guide my life as I walk in Your teachings, recognizing this as the greatest blessing—to learn and experience Your presence. As I witness Your work in my life, fill me with an uncontainable joy and an eager heart to praise You. Instill in me a fervent desire to lead my children in Your ways, teaching and guiding them to find solace and wisdom in the Scriptures. May our family’s routine be rich with studying Your Word, drawing us closer to You, and shaping us according to Your will.

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