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The Gray Areas: Bringing Clarity to Christian Liberty

Nothing destroys a Christian relationship like a cold beer. It’s happened a thousand times. Two were once good friends, and both saw the other as walking so close to heaven, they carried the mist from celestial clouds. But then, one saw the other in a restaurant with a cold glass of fizz, and heaven fell down. Why? Because spiritual people don’t drink beer. Or watch movies. Or eat in pubs. Or smoke cigars. Or … fill in the blank.

We all know those things certain Christians call evil and others call good. They range from pant lengths to pew colors. They can be almost anything. And these things raise just as many questions about whether they are right or wrong. If you like to knock down a cold one or feel like R-rated movies are not for Christians, this book will help.

The Gray Areas was written to facilitate group discussion on making godly decisions when right and wrong are not so evident. The lessons will get under your skin and force you to think more deeply about your choices. Additionally, it will help you think more biblically about church community and enjoying life in light of those around you.

The series is made up of 10 unique lessons. The first lesson will set the stage and aim of the entire study by drawing our attention to the patterns set by the apostles of Scripture and leaders of the church. It will also highlight the end goal for all Christians—the glory of God. After that, there are nine lessons focused on biblical principles that will equip you to make a godly decision on any gray area you are confronted with.

The hope is that you can rightly apply these biblical truths in order to make clear the gray areas of decision-making because there is a definite path for godly choices. And, the Lord is ready to meet with you on this challenge and help you know what to do when the Bible is seemingly silent.