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War and the Great Throne: A Study Guide About the Battles for Your Heart

The Bible uses the word “heart” to describe the inner you—the critical part of your existence, the part that lives forever. It is where your intellect and will shake hands, make friends and make moves. It is the part of you that is you. It the seat of your soul. And, it is exactly what we are discussing in this series. The “throne” is used metaphorically to refer to your heart. And, pressing the metaphor further, we will bring in some elements of medieval war that serves as illustrations of our fight against sin, the sufferings we endure, the weapons of war, and the people who support and hold us up in battle.

Each chapter, including the introduction and closing, tells as complete story with you as the main actor. For this reason, it is best for you to read each in order. The introduction will set the stage for the story. The lessons carry you along the story plot-by-plot. And finally, the story comes to an end with a summary in the closing chapter.

So journey through the story of the War and the Great Throne. Get caught up in the story and most importantly, let the King, who has established His throne in the heavens and rules over all, search your heart and help you wage your war against the enemy of your soul.