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February 18, 2024

The Virtuous Wife, Purity for Women

Despite my efforts to target men in my videos, a large percentage of my viewership is female. In this week’s newsletter, I want to continue our look at Pure Affections by leaning heavily on purity among single women and wives. Proverbs 12:4 describes how a virtuous woman crowns the marriage.

Focused Discipleship

#PersonalLife Marian Jordan Ellis, founder of This Redeemed Life, has a great article for becoming a woman of purity. Also, Kristen Clark of Girl Defined encourages those tired of pursuing purity and other great readings.

#ChurchLife Kira Nelson reminds us to invest in our church women. Those at provide some practical tips on purity for the church

#FamilyLife Pastor J. Garret Kell reminds us how to pray for our teenagers about sexual purity. Two parents give practical tips on how to guard your son’s eyes from sexual sin.

#WorkLife For the Christian woman in the workplace: You are not your job title. And Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth shares her personal hedges for purity protection in the workplace.

Soaping Ezra

Second Return

Ezra, guided by the Lord and armed with King Artaxerxes’ decree, leads a second wave of returning Jews, receiving resources to enhance the Temple and restore Jerusalem. Let’s explore Ezra 7 with the SOAP method.

Weekly Wallpaper


Some virtues of God are communicable to us. One of them is love. True sacrificial love can only be expressed from a regenerated heart. Let this design remind you that we can only love God and others because God first loved us.

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Until next time.

For the Kingdom,
Jacob Abshire

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