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January 7, 2024

Focused Discipleship and Yahweh Stirring

After reflecting on your readership feedback, I decided to make a few changes to my weekly newsletter, starting today. My notable links will focus more on the holistic Christian life—from personal and family life to community and work space. Additionally, I will cycle through the formation of godly virtue throughout the year, trying to tackle one characteristic each month thoroughly.

Let’s get into it …

Last week, I introduced you (and reintroduced others) to the SOAP Bible study method for personal quiet time. To complement this — and to encourage you to maintain your devotions, I will feature an example of SOAPing through the book of Ezra. Here is chapter one: Yahweh Stirs.

Focused Discipleship

#PersonalLife Kevin Halloran shares his practices for energizing Bible reading. Scott Hubbard, on the Desiring God website, encourages us to plan like a Christian for the new year, being mindful of who we are in light of God’s master design.

#ChurchLife Remember that you cannot deep-fake personal relationships, and neither should try. God designed you to be an edifying agent in the church, so here are some methods to get you started.

#FamilyLife Don’t underestimate your influence on your children because secularization begins at home. They will also think about sexual issues based on the way you shape their minds in the home.

#WorkLife Being mindful of our purpose in our work this year will help us promote peace among others. Furthermore, we should be proponents of blessing in the workplace, not cursing.

Godly Character

Building a Blameless Reputation

Building a blameless reputation envelops all other godly qualities. This is what Paul meant when he said that godly examples are to be “above reproach” (1 Tim. 3:2). Discover what that means for you and give your attention to various Scriptures that motivate a blameless reputation. Also, watch this video on the blameless reputation.

Weekly Wallpaper

Pursuing a Blameless Reputation

Nothing speaks louder for the cause of Christ than a gospel life that is above reproach. This is why this quality is the first in building a godliness character. Let this design remind you that you must build a blameless reputation to be a gospel influence on others.

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Until next time.

For the Kingdom,
Jacob Abshire

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