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December 4, 2022

Conquering Christmas Apathy and New Goals

It was fun to read your responses about Christmas decorations. Some of you waste no time with the tree up before Halloween. Gutsy! A common thread was woven into each of your comments—Christmas intentionality.

So, let’s talk about that. The next year starts a week after Christmas day. Yep. I don’t want you to be surprised. Rather, I want you to keep one eye on Christmas and the other on next year, and be intentional.

Let me help.

For December, let’s explore the stories of Zechariah and Mary, to unlikely people surprised by a Word from the Lord. Their responses help us prepare for God’s Word today. How will we respond? That is the question for December.

This week … the story of Zechariah.

Also, let’s keep our eye on next year by planning. Some of you are using my CONQUER workbook to hit a hard reset and launch into 2023 by smashing goals. So, I’m making it available as a free download. You will only hear about it in this newsletter because …

For the rest of December, you can get 50% OFF Power Mornings, a practical plan for establishing and maintaining daily habits for a God-glorifying life. This is produced by Reagan Rose, the author of Redeeming Productivity. Use the code JACOB to take advantage of the discount. I’m taking the course right now. Come join me!

It’s Getting Shifty.

Here’s the plan. In the first week of the new year, I will launch my first YouTube video and kick off a series on the character of a Godly man (read a teasing article). I will announce it to you via newsletter as well as send a special message … because I will need your help.

Until next week.

For the Kingdom,
Jacob Abshire

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