CONQUER: A Battle Plan for Getting Things Done

This workbook gives you the tools you need to plan, plot, and conquer you goals. It includes more than 15 short chapters and exercises. It is the perfect way to reset the year and maintain momentum.


If you’re like most people, there are goals you want to accomplish this year. The list may include saving money, projects around the house, learning a new language, reading through the Bible, or something else.

These are good and noble goals. But honestly, most of us will never reach our goals because we fail to prioritize, plan, and perform. We get on our horse of ideas and ride out in every direction. By mid-year, we’re either happy we didn’t intentionally set goals or disappointed we didn’t achieve them. But hey, we set ourselves up for it.

Don’t do it again. Go to battle.

Goals boldly taunt and oppose us. They believe us to be no match. For years, they’ve won–but not anymore. We’re taking them to war. We’re developing our plan of attack and putting on our armor. We’re going to slay our goals with a mighty thrust from the sword.

Okay, so it’s not quite like that. But if you want to get serious, maybe that’s exactly what you should think. It’s what I do. I call it my Battle Plan. I create real goals and attack them like their my mortal enemy. If you struggle with the disappointment of not getting things done or simply want to start being useful with your life, I suggest you start waging war on your goals. Slay them. Win the battle. Be a conquer. I’ll show you how.

Printable Worksheets

Print out worksheets that help you work through your goals.

Clear Instructions

Get to the point and get things done quickly and clearly.

Positive Motivation

Get started and maintain momentum with positive reinforcement.

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