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by Jacob Abshire on January 7, 2016

I like to freestyle.

I mean, I like the free style. Listen, I’ve been at this for a while, and some folk still ask me questions like: Why don’t you tweet that out? And, Is there a Facebook page where I can get some stuff? And, How did I miss the free one?

So, I’ll throw it out there for you Johnny Come Latelys. Most of the stuff I publish here is free—study guides, artwork, ebooks, and now workbooks. This is my joy. I love to bring others closer to God’s Word so that they can find God’s truth for the glory of God’s Son.

Sometimes, the free stuff is for a limited time. (I need to pay some of the bills this web site brings.) During these times, the free stuff is usually announced via email (to subscribers), then on social media, and finally on the web site. If you miss it, it’s because you are not tapped into one of these outlets or just not paying attention. So let me help.

You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook, as well as the lesser Google+ and LinkedIn. However, if you really want the heads up, you should subscribe (below). Tell your friends. They’ll like you for it.

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