Introducing: The Resurge Theme for WordPress

by Jacob Abshire on November 25, 2013

I don’t want anyone to say I gave nothing—outside of my writings—to the blogosphere. The truth is, as designers and developers we contribute more than we might think. It could be in the form of inspiration, code snippets, or creative downloads. On rare occasions, we can give a lot more.

Today, I’m making my custom theme available to the public. Since the launch of my blog, I’ve responded to numerous inquiries about it. From its inception, I had every intention to give it away once it was ready. But it seems like some of you just can’t wait. I hear you, and …

[blockquote class=”bold”]I’m excited to announce the Resurge theme for WordPress.[/blockquote]

Inspired by The Resurgence web site and the Standard theme (by the late 8Bit), Resurge is a bold, responsive WordPress theme for bloggers concerned with lean code and strong features. Still in its beta stage, the theme boasts over 10 popular features, with more on the horizon.

At this stage, the theme is solid and ready to use, but far from complete. My plan is to keep outfitting Resurge with easy-to-use features that will enhance your blog marketability (see Future Features below) until it reaches a worthwhile premium state. Then, the Resurge theme will be available for purchase.

Of course, for now and for a limited time, you can get it free. So download, install, and customize the Resurge theme to your heart’s content. Find bugs. Think creatively. Leave feedback.

In return, I only ask that you tell me about your experience in the Comments below. If you enjoy the theme and want to know when new updates are available, subscribe to this web site for the latest information.

Existing Features

  • One-Tier Drop Down Menu
  • Responsive Ready
  • Personal Image Widget
  • Advertisement Widgets
  • Easy-to-Use Social Integration
  • Category Coloring
  • Multiple Page Templates
  • Featured Image
  • TypeKit Ready
  • Custom Stylesheet Overwrite
  • Standard, Video, and Quote Post Types
  • Customizable 404 Page
  • Numerous Widget Areas
  • Lots of Shortcodes

Future Features

  • Subscription Manager
  • Mad Mimi Email Integration
  • Typekit Management
  • Subscribe to Download
  • Lead Generation Options
  • Giveaway Contests
  • Grid List (like Resurgence)


Installing the Resurge theme is no different than any other theme. Simply download it, unzip, add it to WordPress and activate. For those new to WordPress, here is a helpful tutorial by TutsPlus.


The Resurge theme has a few customizable features out-of-the-box. Your normal theme customizations can be found in the usual WordPress locations:

  • Appearance > Customize
  • Appearance > Resurge Theme (for theme configurations)
  • Posts > Categories (for category colors)

Additionally, styles and JavaScripts can be customized by editing the “resurge/lib/css/custom.css” and “resurge/lib/js/custom.js” files. Stylesheets and JavaScripts are combined on a page request into a single http request. The custom files are loaded last.


The Resurge theme is free, so don’t expect 24/7 support. However, I’ll be happy to help when I can. Post your questions below in the Comments section, and I’ll get to them as soon as I can. (I’m open for feature ideas, too.)


Spread the word in at least one of the social mediums below, and the latest theme file will be available for download.

[wpsharely id=”1055″][wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=152 linktext=’Download Resurge 1.0 Theme for WordPress’ /] [/wpsharely]

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