A Vivid Light in a Dark Generation

Scriptures: Genesis 6:9-10
by Jacob Abshire on October 10, 2016

Noah was a righteous man.

Genesis 6:9-10

The story of God propelled us through time to quickly see the generations of men from Adam to his son Seth. This was a long line of men who called upon the name of the Lord. Although the line was riddled with death, there was a glimpse of hope. Enoch walked with God. Methuselah pointed to God’s coming judgment. Lamech trusted God’s word and hoped for His promised deliverer from the curse of sin.

After a tour through generations, we were lifted up to the heavens to see the earth through the eyes of God. We found that it was corrupt beyond measure. Everyone did what they desired and everyone desired to do evil. Things were bad—very bad. God had to intervene before humanity self-destructed.

In the next phase of our story, we land back on the earth where we find a vivid light in a dark generation. It is a man named Noah. He is the son of Lamech, a son of faithful men. The story begins: “these are the generations of Noah,” the history of a man who was favored by the Lord.

“Noah walked with God” like his great-grandfather, Enoch. He had faith in God’s word and therefore, he “was a righteous man.” Walking with the Lord meant he was “blameless in his generation.” His heart was pure though the world was evil. In God’s good pleasure, He blessed Noah and His grace spilled over to his children, for he “had three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth.” What a faithful God to guard the heart of one man when all around him was corrupt. Now the story is ready to take off.

  1. What does a line of godly men suggest to you about God’s blessing and our faithfulness? How do you think Noah could remain blameless during this time?
  2. In setting the next phase of the story, what do we learn about God and His sovereign rule over mankind? What does this say about His kindness?
  3. What motivation can you draw from this passage to help you walk with God, blameless in your generation? Do you think it is difficult?
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