1 Kings

Old Testament Narrative

After King David’s death, Solomon ascends the throne, facing a challenge from his brother Adonijah. Adonijah’s repeated attempts to seize power lead to his execution. Solomon, endowed by God with unparalleled wisdom, wealth, and honor, oversees the construction and dedication of the temple in Jerusalem. Later, Solomon deviates from righteousness, worshipping other gods. Following Solomon’s death, his son Rehoboam becomes king, but his imprudent decisions spark a civil war, splitting the nation. Rehoboam rules the southern kingdom, while Jeroboam becomes king of the northern tribes. Idolatry prevails in both kingdoms. While some godly rulers emerge in the south, the north experiences a succession of evil kings, including Ahab and Jezebel, leading God to send a drought and the prophet Elijah.