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December 18, 2022

Worshiping God, and Power Planning

This is my final newsletter for 2022. I will send you a Christmas card on December 25, and then look forward to the next year. I encourage you to make the most of your Christmas time and be sure to diligently plan for next year.For our Christmas series meant to prepare us to respond well to God’s Word this Christmas, we conclude with a message on worship. In this article, we compare the stories of Zechariah and Mary.

Are you working through POWER Mornings with me? If so, you can already see the value in having a plan for the start of your day. Let me know how this course has helped you. For those of you haven’t yet started, sign up with the coupon code JACOB and receive 50% OFF for a limited time. You will not regret it.

What it Takes to be a Godly Man

Last week, I mentioned that my opening video series at The Disciple Shift is a 15-parter on building a godly life. These are the subjects I will cover: reputation, sexuality, thinking, restraint, dignity, responsiveness, communication, drinking, anger, patience, peacekeeping, contentment, leadership, humility, testimony, and aspirations. I’m excited about this. I hope you are too.

I’ll see you soon.

For the Kingdom,
Jacob Abshire

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