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April 2, 2023

Visual Hope, and Godly Contentment

Several years ago, I spent a week researching and synthesizing the Gospel accounts to understand how events unfolded when Jesus appeared in his resurrected body. It was a rush of excitement, confusion, and hope. I produced two devotionals from that research, including the most recent ebook, The First Easter, and published my findings on my website

Recently, I took my findings and produced a visual episodic story to help bring this time to life. I’m calling Visual Hope and offering it to you as a free download.

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The Disciple Shift

Build a Satisfied Contentment

Scripture warns us about the dangers of loving money. It tells us that it hinders our worship, leads to evil, motivates sin, and more. I talk about that and more in this week’s video. Additionally, I provide five steps to wage war on the love of money. If you prefer, you can read about on my website.

Weekly Wallpaper

Godly people build a reputation of being content with material things and satisfied in Christ. The Bible provides a lot of scriptures that can motivate us to avoid the love of money, but it is the love of Christ that will ultimately quench all other materialistic affections. Let this wallpaper design remind you to build a satisfied contentment.

The First Easter: Daily Devotional

Download a free 7-day devotional guide meant to prepare you for Easter. And, share the link with your friends and family.

This Tuesday in my godly character series, I’ll talk about leading the home as a husband and father. It is one of my favorite subjects to talk about it. Get caught up on the series so far by visiting the YouTube playlist.

I’ll see you then.

For the Kingdom,
Jacob Abshire

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