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March 10, 2024

Transforming Your Mind

Building a sensible mind begins with training with the Word of God in our mental gym. Biblical discipline and Scripture engagement sculpt a discerning, God-centered mindset. Discover how daily spiritual practices and community support fortify your mental resilience, aligning your thoughts with the transformative wisdom of Christ.

Focused Discipleship

#PersonalLife R.C. Sproul reminds us about the value of God-breathed Scripture, while John Piper preaches from Romans 12:2 about having a renewed mind.

#ChurchLife Jeff Medders shares why biblical knowledge is essential for the pastor and the church. John MacArthur brings the battle for biblical truth front and center.

#FamilyLife Reagan Rose describes the whole sin of the half-distracted mind. He also helps us get started with biblical meditation—an excellent read.

#WorkLife Loving God with all your mind matters; here’s why. Also, the effects of multitasking and stewardship of the mind in the workplace should be considered.

Soaping Ezra

Covenant Disobedience

Ezra discovers some Jews have taken foreign wives against the covenant, laments the transgression, and confesses to God, recognizing their lesser past punishments. Let’s explore Ezra 9 with the SOAP method.

Weekly Wallpaper

Christ Died for Our Sins

God’s greatest gift meets our greatest need: Christ’s death for our sins. We cannot pay for our sins since we are sinful ourselves. Jesus, on the other hand, lived a perfect life and died in the place of all who would follow Him. Let this design remind you of the greatest reality man can know.

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