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January 21, 2024

Seeking Approval, Temple Rebuilding

As part of my series on developing a blameless reputation, we have previously discussed what it means, how to establish it, and how to restore it if it’s damaged. Now, we want to ask ourselves, whose approval are we seeking?

Focused Discipleship

#PersonalLife In his review of Just Show Up, Benjamin Vrbicek reminds us of the importance of ordinary faithfulness. Speaking of reputation, Challies has a short read with a title that says it all: You will Never Regret the Sin You do not Commit.

#ChurchLife The church is critical to every Christian, and the Bible explains why. For this reason, the Christian life is church-shaped. Here is a response to those who think otherwise.

#FamilyLife The agony of childbirth points us to the hope found in Christ. And marriage is the greenhouse of joy that fuels motherhood, contrary to some contemporary myths today.

#WorkLife When working as unto the Lord, remember the gardener and care for what you have been given steward over. While you do, maintain a gospel-driven productivity that leads others to the God of vocation.

Soaping Ezra

Rebuilding Begins

The Temple’s altar is established, offerings commence, and the Temple foundation is laid. Let’s explore Ezra 3 with the SOAP method.

Weekly Wallpaper

Fortify Friends to Mortify Sins

There is a tool in the toolbox given by God to help us build a blameless reputation. It is the fortification of friends who encourage and guard. This wallpaper will remind you to fortify with friends to motif your sins.

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For the Kingdom,
Jacob Abshire

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