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March 24, 2024

Neurons, Numinous, and National Repentance

Scientists say the mind is a complex network, with approximately 86 billion neurons firing and connecting in patterns that give rise to thought, emotion, and consciousness. As we continue focusing on a Sensible Mind, consider how your mind is a gift of God to be stewarded for His glory.

Focused Discipleship

#Easter Reasons to Believe provides a dozen evidences for the resurrection of Jesus. Kevin Halloran lists 10 reasons why the resurrection is important.

Grab a free copy of First Easter, a 7-day devotional about the time of the resurrected Jesus. And visualize the events of this time with AI-generated paintings and the Scriptures.

#PersonalLife Hayden Hefner relates cynicism to drunkenness or a lack of sober-mindedness, which “is to be free of any illusion—to see things as they truly are.” Struggling with your Bible intake? Small changes yield big results.

#ChurchLife Here is an interesting quick guide to Christian Denominations worth saving to your bookmarks.

#FamilyLife Ken Ham provides three ways to celebrate Easter with your children and reveals the sad news about doctors willingly pushing dangerous hormones on children that cause cancer and death—this is what you should know.

Soaping Ezra

National Repentance

Ezra, urged by the people, convenes an assembly, examines the mixed marriages, and dissolves them in repentance. Let’s explore Ezra 10 with the SOAP method.

Weekly Wallpaper

Born Again

The kingdom of God consists of those who are born from above. Being “born again,” as Jesus said to Nicodemus, carries the idea of becoming a child of God through trusting in Christ, without which no one can see the kingdom of God. Let this wallpaper design remind you that a child of God is born from above.

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Jacob Abshire

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