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January 28, 2024

Grace in Growth, Fortitude in Failure

For the final installment in our series on a blameless reputation, I want to leave you with the two most valuable tools in your toolkit: scripture and prayer. Discover how these graces shape your heart and mind to build an above-reproach life.

Focused Discipleship

#PersonalLife The Valley of Vision has been key in my prayer life, so let me introduce it to you. If you are struggling to memorize Scripture, maybe you are doing one of these things.

#ChurchLife If you are averse to evangelism, here is some help. Speaking of which, missionaries cannot send themselves.

#FamilyLife Yesterday’s hero, John Gill, speaks on masculinity, while today’s hero, Jonathan Leeman, speaks on the limits of a husband’s authority.

#WorkLife Let’s talk about two of the biggest stressors of office work: inbox overload and asking for a raise.

Soaping Ezra

Opposition Wins

Adversaries attempt to hinder Temple reconstruction and, after failing, complain to King Artaxerxes, who halts the rebuilding. Let’s explore Ezra 3 with the SOAP method.

Weekly Wallpaper

Desires of Your Heart

The regenerated heart, accompanied by the transformed mind, desires what God desires. The Psalmist tells us to find our delight in the Lord. When we delight in Him, our desires will be for His will and His pleasure. And when His will and pleasure are also ours, God will grant us the desires of our hearts.

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For the Kingdom,
Jacob Abshire

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