The Trial of Wisdom

The Trial of Wisdom

Wisdom is your greatest tool during trials (Ja. 1:5). It is also a great trial. In James 3:13-18, we undergo an examination of our faith by having our wisdom put to the test. For faith and wisdom are inseparable. In fact, those who possess true wisdom possess saving faith.

The life of a genuine Christian is marked by a special kind of wisdom. It is nuanced by the knowledge of God applied to ordinary living—especially that which pertains to human relationships. The one who possesses saving faith understands the importance of God’s brand of wisdom. He says like the Puritan:

“Help me to carry into ordinary life portions of divine truth and use them on suitable occasions, so that its doctrines may inform, its warnings caution, its rules guide, its promises comfort me.”

In the trial of wisdom, James challenges us to examine our wisdom—to take an honest look at the application of our understanding. Is it characterized by the world or by heaven? Does it result in disorder or peace? Which wisdom do you possess?