Going Out on a Limb

by Jacob Abshire on October 20, 2013

As a boy, I spent a lot of time climbing a tall, slender oak tree in my buddy’s backyard. Just above rooftop height, there was a small branch—the perfect seat. So I planted myself there for a whole new perspective of the neighborhood. Then it snapped, and I fell.

Although the phrase “going out on a limb” refers to bravely asserting an opinion counter to the populace, somehow it sounds like the thing to say when picturing that tree and my fall.

With that in mind, I’m going out on a limb.

I started to blog back in 2008 after being bombarded by many who desired biblical answers to Christian questions. It forced me to study, think, and write. By no means did I intend to be an apologist, but I knew the closer one got to the meaning of the Bible, the closer one got to the God of the Bible. Therein lies true transformation.

This became my life mission: to bring others closer to God’s Word in order to find the riches of God’s truth for the glory of God’s Son. The more I studied, the more I wrote. The more I wrote, the more intentional I became. Soon after, my first book was compiled. For legal purposes, I turned the blog into a publisher.

Truth411, once a blog and now a publisher, can no longer exist as a medium for dispensing my thoughts. I need a new channel. This is why now exists.

My drive is still the same: I want to help people. Now, since my experience and expertise has broadened, I can aid others in more ways, but still through the gaze of the Bible. (Read more about this on my About page.)

I’ll speak in greater detail about the content aggregation and design concepts, but let me mention a few people who inspired me in their own ways. Tim Peters, my good friend and business partner, was the first to guide me in this direction. He, along with Mark Luchauer, a teacher’s advocate and resource provider, gave me ideas and direction. I also gleaned from the content delivery of Michael Hyatt and the theme delivery of Jason Bradley. The Resurgence was my visual inspiration. They all deserve an honorable mention.

So, I’m going out on a limb, and I’ll be there until it breaks. Unlike natural branches, this one will not break when others decide to join me on it. With your comments and suggestions, you will join me in providing useful resources to those seeking biblical truth and ultimately transformation.

Will you go out on the limb with me?

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