Wednesday Wallpaper: Temptation is a Call to Battle

Scriptures: James 1:14-15
by Jacob Abshire on August 14, 2019

The victory over sin begins when we identify temptation as a call to battle. External enticements that appeal to our internal desires stand in the pathway of righteousness. They are meant to block and allure us by misdirection. See them not as your friend, but opponent. They may look like they mean well, but they intend to make you fall. Let this wallpaper remind you to fasten your spiritual armor and wage war on temptation.

“Temptation is not a sin; it is a call to battle.”

Erwin W. Lutzer, Getting to No: How to Break a Stubborn Habit

These wallpapers are designed to stimulate godly meditations. To participate, send your favorite quote or scripture to [email protected] and maybe it will be selected as the next design.

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