Wednesday Wallpaper: Be Killing Sin or Sin Will Be Killing You

Scriptures: Colossians 3:12-14
by Jacob Abshire on September 17, 2014

When teaching on our new nature in Christ, Paul said to “put to death therefore what is earthly in you” (Col. 3:5). Being raised in newness of life, we must then “put on … compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience … and above all these put on love” (Col. 3:12-14). John Owen creatively captured the essence of Paul’s command to mortify the flesh in his work, Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers. Let this wallpaper remind you to kill sin in your life before it kills you.

Do you mortify? Do you make it your daily work? Be always at it whilst you live; cease not a day from this work; be killing sin or it will be killing you … Indwelling sin always abides whilst we are in this world; therefore it is always to be mortified.

Also, download a free copy of John Owen’s Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers from Christian Classics Ethereal Library.

These wallpapers are designed to stimulate godly meditations. To participate, send your favorite quote or scripture to [email protected] and maybe it will be selected as the next design.

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