Wednesday Wallpaper: Gratitude is Life Changing

Wednesday Wallpaper: Gratitude is Life Changing

Gratitude changes everything. So says Nancy Leigh DeMoss in her book, Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy. She presents gratitude as a way life that not only affects life around you, but primarily affects life within you. It changes your perspective and causes you to see things in light of God’s grace. It stirs inner joy and produces a “new excuse for praising God with greater fervor than ever, knowing He is more than true and trustworthy” (156). Let this design spur you onto a life of gratitude. (See alternative design here.)

“In appealing for gratitudinal change, I am not calling you to something that’s trivial and inconsequential, much less something that’s contrived or insincere. When gratitude becomes your default setting, life changes. As we’ve said earlier, the whole world looks different when you see it through gratitude-colored glasses.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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