Wednesday Wallpaper: Crucify My Sin

Wednesday Wallpaper: Crucify My Sin

Jesus is not just Savior. He is also Lord. He relieves us our guilt for trespasses, but He also slays that trespasses that remain in us. In “The Grace of the Cross,” a prayer from The Valley of Vision, we are reminded of our need for God’s grace that flows from the triumphant death on the cross. Let this spur you onto personal prayer, that God would continue to crucify remaining sin in your life.

O MY SAVIOUR, I thank thee from the depths of my being for thy wondrous grace and love in bearing my sin in thine own body on the tree. May thy cross be to me as the tree that sweetens my bitter Marahs, as the rod that blossoms with life and beauty, as the brazen serpent that calls forth the look of faith.

By thy cross crucify my every sin; Use it to increase my intimacy with thyself; Make it the ground of all my comfort, the liveliness of all my duties, the sum of all thy gospel promises, the comfort of all my afflictions, the vigour of my love, thankfulness, graces, the very essence of my religion; And by it give me that rest without rest, the rest of ceaseless praise.

O MY LORD AND SAVIOUR, Thou hast also appointed a cross for me to take up and carry, a cross before thou givest me a crown. Thou hast appointed it to be my portion, but self-love hates it, carnal reason is unreconciled to it; without the grace of patience I cannot bear it, walk with it, profit by it.

O blessed cross, what mercies dost thou bring with thee! Thou art only esteemed hateful by my rebel will, heavy because I shirk thy load. Teach me, gracious Lord and Saviour, that with my cross thou sendest promised grace so that I may bear it patiently, that my cross is thy yoke which is easy, and thy burden which is light.

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