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by Jacob Abshire on July 22, 2014

The devoted follower of Jesus chases resources to enhance personal quiet time. Prayer journals, study guides, catechisms, and other things become the lone worshipper’s best friends.

If you are one of those people, here is another asset for your time in quiet veneration. The book is titled Praying the Attributes of God: A Guide to Personal Worship Through Prayer by Rosemary Jensen.

The author’s name might ring a bell. She’s not a nationally known speaker or popular blogger. Yet, she has a special place in the halls of Christian history. She was the general director of Bible Study Fellowship International, a national ministry aimed at providing in-depth, free Bible classes around the world.

She also founded the Rafiki Foundation, an organization aimed at helping Africans know God by caring for and educating orphans and giving economic opportunities to widows. Sometimes, Jensen’s writings are found in publications for other ministries, such as Ligonier.

Her book links the spiritual discipline of Bible study to prayer in a very helpful way. It contains 31 chapters, each an attribute of God—one for each day of the month.

Every chapter begins with scriptures meant to express adoration to God for who He is. Then, it follows up with confession—the natural response from a humbled heart in light of God’s nature. The scriptures are then restated as prayers of thanksgiving that you can read back to God. Finally, there is a place for personal journaling.

Here is a sample of a confession written in light of God’s impartiality:

Your ways are not my ways—how true that is in regard to impartiality. I confess that I am frequently partial to those who do things for me or to those whom I like better than others. You are not partial to anyone. At times I’ve wanted to make you partial to me, but trying to do so is wrong; you love all people and need no one to do anything for you. Please forgive me and help me to look at others from your viewpoint.

Here are several points of thanksgiving based on scriptures about God’s impartiality:

  • Thank you that I cannot bribe you (Deut. 10:17).
  • Thank you that although you are mighty and firm in your purpose, you do not despise people (Job 36:5).
  • Thank you that you have regard for those who are wise in heart. You listen to those whose hearts are pure toward you (Job 37:24).
  • Thank you that you do not show favoritism but accept those from any nation who reverence you and do right (Acts 10:34-35).
  • Thank you that you reward everyone—regardless of position—for the good that he or she has done (Eph. 6:8)

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The above excerpts are sometimes paraphrased for reasons of brevity and creativity. Bookmarks are designed to peak your interest by highlighting certain quotations, not for purposes of CliffsNotes. It is my intent to compel you to read the books in their entirety.

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