Send Your Children with a Back-to-School Kit

by Jacob Abshire on August 25, 2014

Today marks a big day for our children, and it happens every year. It is the first day of school—full of excitement, anxiety, wonder, confusion, and a whole bunch of crying mommas.

School, public or private, can be daunting for a child, especially the first day. The hustle of new classes and new faces can exhaust their little minds. As parents, we know this, so we make provisions the day before—lunches packed, schedules checked, bags ready, clothes ironed. The first day of school affects the entire family.

For Christian parents, the concern is even greater. School is a mission field and our children are the missionaries. We desire that they display the love of God and the humility of Christ. We want them to live godly and speak gospel.

While there are many ways to reinforce and motivate such gospel-mindedness in our children, some parents have a unique way of making it all the more special. Here is one that my kids called their “Back-to-School Kit.”

(My mother pulled it all together, so she deserves the credit.)

Everything you need can be purchased at Walmart, but I provided a few online stores in case you live in a secluded city Walmart hasn’t discovered. You shouldn’t spend more than $5.

  • Sliding Pencil Case. These can be purchased at Walmart, Amazon, Staples, and Office Depot. Just make sure it fits the child’s style.
  • Supply Kit Items. Try being creative with these items. Most can be found around the house, but don’t settle for boring. Grab colorful versions to make this more enjoyable for your child. Also, be sure everything fits in the pencil case. Here are the items:
    • Toothpick
    • Rubber Band
    • Band-Aid
    • Pencil
    • Eraser
    • Chewing Gum
    • Mint
    • Candy Kiss
    • Tea Bag

Here’s how it works.

In preparation, print out the Supply List (with the accompanying explanations) below. Make sure the print is small enough to fit inside the pencil case along with the other supplies. Pack all of the supplies into the case and call a family meeting. They will need their Bibles.

Present each child with a case and have them open them up to discover the Back-to-School Kit. After a few seconds to allow them to see it all, ask them to pull out the Supply List inside.

Read aloud the first item and what it represents. And follow that up with the Scripture reading, having each child read one aloud as the others read along in silence.

Repeat the process with each item and close in prayer. Be creative with this time and sensitive to your child’s worries and concerns. Remind them that God is with them and will lead them along.

Supply List

  • Toothpick. Pick out good qualities in others (Matthew 7:1).
  • Rubber Band. Be flexible, things may not always go the way you want, but things will work out (Romans 8:28).
  • Band-Aid. Heal hurt feelings, yours or someone else’s (Colossians 3:12-14).
  • Pencil. Make a list each day of your blessings (Ephesians 1:3).
  • Eraser. Everyone makes mistakes and needs forgiveness (Genesis 50:15-21).
  • Chewing Gum. Stick with it, and God will help you (Philippians 4:13).
  • Mint. You are worth a mint to your heavenly Father (John 3:16-17).
  • Candy Kiss. Everyone needs a kiss or a hug (1 John 4:7).
  • Tea Bag. Relax daily and review your list of God’s blessings (1 Thessalonians 5:18).


Back to School Kit

Back to School Kit

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