Love Your Wife by Affirming Her

Scriptures: Colossians 3:17
by Jacob Abshire on February 12, 2015

Mark Twain said, “I can live two months on a compliment.” I don’t think he’s alone.

In Courage and Calling, systematic theology professor, Gordon Smith, identifies three distinct ways that God calls us. First, we are called to be Christian. Second, we are specifically called to a defining purpose or mission. Third, we are called to our immediate duties and responsibilities.

In the first way, we are called to be Christ followers. We are all called equally and spiritually. There is no one who is greater than the other. There is no one who needs Christ less than another. We come to God the same way and for the same reason. We need salvation.

The second way we are called makes each of us unique. God calls us to a specific mission in life. It is our reason for—distinct purpose for which God equips and gifts us to do what no one else can do in our place. God providentially brings about all the experiences we have to shape us for this unrepeated purpose.

The third way is like the second. God calls us to perform specific duties and responsibilities in a specific season of life. As a husband, you are called to perform a husband’s duties. The same is true as a wife, child, parent, or worker. In all of these callings, we must glorify God (Col. 3:17).

Husband, think now of your wife.

Your wife was is called to be a Christian, called to a unique ministry, and called to a normal function. She was designed to work and act in a way that glorifies God. Affirm her by supporting, helping, and cheering.

Support Your Wife

Knowing your wife is called in these three ways, you should affirm her first by supporting her. Discover what your wife is called to do in life and in daily living. Then, find ways to provide for her pursuit and labor. Advocate her ministry.

Help Your Wife

In addition to supporting your wife emotionally and intellectually, you should help her physically. She might need some extra muscle carrying goods to those in need. She might need budgetary or business expertise. Maybe she just needs you to watch the kids or hold a sign. Whatever it is, find ways you can help your wife pursue each of her callings.

Cheer Your Wife

Affirmation is usually found in words. So, after you emotionally support her and physically help her, you should verbally cheer her. I hear most marathon runners endure because of those on the side of the road crying out, “Keep it up! You’re doing good!” When your wife labors for her God-given callings, applaud her along the way. It will encourage her to fulfill what God has designed her for and bring more enjoyment to her soul—and your marriage.

Affirm your wife with your support, help, and cheer, for God designed her for a unique purpose in the earth. In doing so, you will help her accomplish that purpose.

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