Don’t Save the World Alone, Find Your Robin: 5 Reasons Why LifeGroup Leaders Need Sidekicks

by Jacob Abshire on October 2, 2017

Maybe the title is a bit too much. We are not saving the world. It might feel like a huge undertaking, but it is not that. Nevertheless, leading a LifeGroup is serious business. We are dealing with souls and we will need help. Even Batman had a Robin.

Size matters. It really does. If your group is small and manageable, maybe a sidekick is not even on your radar. Maybe you are counting your roster on one hand and thinking to yourself, “There is not a lot of people to manage here.” Honestly, if there are only two in your LifeGroup (including yourself), you need a sidekick.

You see, administration takes time, even if it is a few minutes. And, time is a premium to the undershepherd. Your responsibility to care for the souls of those you lead requires a great deal of time in prayer and study. You need all the time you can get. And anything that interferes with that time ought to be brought into question.

Quick sidebar: by sidekick, I mean a trustworthy companion who understands your critical role as an undershepherd and identifies that it is for the benefit of the entire group. It is not meant to be a derogatory slant. Sidekicks are big deals.

Here are five practical reasons why I strongly suggest that you have at least one good sidekick to help you manage the LifeGroup.

#1 — Sidekicks free you up for your duty.

At the risk of sounding redundant, people who help with the administrations are graciously granting you more time for study and prayer. Be honest, your engine only runs on so many cylinders. They can free up some of those for you.

#2 — Sidekicks are fulfilling their ministry.

We are all called to do our unique part in the body of Christ. If God connects a sidekick to you, then he is there to do his part. It is his divine ministry and just as valuable as the ministry you do. So, allow people to enjoy the blessing of ministry.

#3 — Sidekicks contribute more than you think.

They don’t just do what you would do if they were not there, they add value and help in ways you wouldn’t. While you are solely devoted to study and prayer, they are solely devoted to administration and care. They see things you don’t and have ideas you won’t.

#4 — Sidekicks get the word out so you don’t have to.

A good sidekick is more excited about the LifeGroup than you are. They started without having any real buy-in, so their involvement is pure interest. For this reason, sidekicks are usually the ones who invite more people to the LifeGroup than the leader.

#5 — Sidekicks are fantastic thermometers.

As leaders, we aim to be a thermostat—setting the temperature of the LifeGroup. What we often fail to do is find a thermometer to measure it. There is no one more fit for this than the sidekick. They are in the mix with the people when you are not. They hear things you won’t. They observe things you can’t. They are the best ones to give you true feedback.

In the end, the LifeGroup will come to appreciate your sidekicks. They will eventually see how much they do to make things better. Get a sidekick. You need one. You are not Batman, but even he had one.

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