Building Your Launch Team: 5 People You Want in Your LifeGroup Startup

Shuttles never liftoff with just one person in the control room. It takes a team. So, when you are preparing to launch your LifeGroup, I suggest you form a Launch Team to help you get off the ground. These are specific people who commit to a number of responsibilities for a temporary time to make sure you don’t crash and burn.

You can’t randomly select your team out of the hallway. You need a plan. Make a list of those you are confident in becoming members—or, at the very least, those who plan on attending for a few weeks while they make up their minds. Then, make a list of all the things that need to get done in the first two months (both inside and outside of class). Consider things like attendance, greeting, socials, announcements, and prayer. Finally, match people to objectives and ask them to help. Rinse and repeat as needed.

In my experience, there are at least five people you want on your Launch Team. Here is a list of those people with a brief description of their responsibilities.

The Fall Guy

The first is one of your great unsung heroes—the Fall Guy. He is the shot-caller during the LifeGroup gathering. If chaos strikes, he brings it to order. Need chairs? Need coffee? Need someone to chew out? He is the guy. He is the supervisor on the set and sometimes mistaken for the leader. And rightly so, he is your vicarious decision maker who frees you up to engage people one-on-one.

The Busy Body

Don’t be deterred by the name. These people get into other people’s business—for God’s glory. They set the tone, make the first impressions. When folks walk in the room, the Busy Bodies engage with smiles. The key word is “engage.” This means welcoming, getting names, and finding ways to connect. Visitors will often return based on how these people interact with them.

The Member Master

During the first few weeks, all the faces are unfamiliar. Things are fast-paced and it is easy to lose track of attendance. It is useful to have a designated person to mark down who shows up and who joins. He can also collect visitor information and record data as needed. In other words, the Member Master masters the members.

The Class Controller

In a less-perfect world, the Fall Guy wears a couple of hats—the second one being the Class Controller. However, when possible, separate the two. The Class Controller is like the conductor of the orchestra. He gets you started on time, shares announcements, calls to prayer, and so forth. He needs to be stern, yet fun.

The Social Supervisor

One of the most crucial elements to a LifeGroup are the socials—special off-campus gatherings full of fun and fellowship. Arranging logistics for socials can be taxing. Make sure you have someone who is creative, patient, and organized. The supervisor of the social will plan the gathering—everything from when and where to what happens there. It is a huge responsibility. Do it right.

Besides the awesome names that I just created, these are people with awesome functions that should be carefully and seriously performed. Think carefully about who does what. The life of your LifeGroup will depend on it. Mix and match as needed. Insert other roles or take some away. This is your launch. Build your team.