10 Reasons to Rise and Pray

by Jacob Abshire on November 12, 2013

Rising before others, even before the sun, to spend time with God in prayer is not always easy—even when we long for a deep commitment.

The snooze button and the comfort of a warm bed appeal to our flesh. We easily convince ourselves there is time later, there is nothing to do, or that we need more rest.

We can overcome these challenges by reminding ourselves why morning prayer (and its profit) is important. Here are 10 reasons I need to rise and pray:

  1. My wife needs my care.
  2. My family needs my leadership.
  3. My friends need my intercession.
  4. My body needs the discipline.
  5. My mind needs the focus.
  6. My soul needs the joy.
  7. My church needs my holiness.
  8. My work needs my diligence.
  9. My community needs my dignity.
  10. My Lord did it this way.

By reminding myself of these needs, I am motivated to rise for a reason. My wife, family, friends, and church rely on me to wake and pray. They need me. They are counting on me, even when they don’t know it.

The same is true for you. What reasons will motivate you in the morning? Will you be there for your family? For your friends? For your church? They need you. Rise up and pray.

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