“Be Glorified” by Shai Linne

by Jacob Abshire on October 16, 2014

In this creative music video, Shai Linne, a hip hop artist from Lampmode Recordings, portrays the poetic words of David from Psalm 55 where betrayal causes distress and evil closes in on the faithful. The righteous cry out to God for justice and trust in His providence to glorify Himself as He sees fit. Read Psalm 55 in the ESV.

[blockquote class=”scripture”]
Verse 1: Gracious God please hear our cry / Restlessly we moan and sigh / Oppression makes makes us wonder why / Be glorified / Hate surrounds us everyday / If we had wings, we’d fly away / Find a place to rest and stay / Be glorified

Verse 2: In the city we see strife / Violent disregard for life / Lord, come down and make things right / Be glorified / Betrayed by foes we thought were friends / Whose godliness was just pretense / Lord, repay them for their sins / Be glorified

Rap: We live in hard times, a diabolical era / God’s enemies cause psychological terror / A few observations, it’s the true God they’re hating / The plot of Satan to intoxicate the population / On the way to their graves, they’re slaves / To the prince of the power of the airwaves / His tunes are blasphemous, the fumes are hazardous / The masses get consumed, it’s doom for the pacifists / We are not immune, we were goons and savages / The Bridegroom snatched us from the tomb like Lazarus / So nowadays we conspire in the laboratory / Plotting ways for Messiah to grab the glory / It’s mandatory, cause Jesus owns everything / We get to sing precious things when we rep the King / To those living hard Christian lives, going through / I’m pointing you to Psalm 55:22

Verse 3: Cast your burdens on the Lord / He will give strength to endure / You’ll stand firm forevermore / He’s glorified / God is just, He will repay / At the cross or judgement day / Those who know Him love to say / Be Glorified

For those of you intrigued by the creative concept, here is the making of the video:

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