According to the Riches of God

Scriptures: Ephesians 1:7
by Jacob Abshire on August 22, 2017

Rich is a peculiar term. We often confuse it to be relative when it is not. One is rich, not because he has more than another, but because he has more than enough. God is truly rich. He has more than enough.

In Ephesians, He is described as being rich in forgiveness (1:7), rich in knowledge (1:18), rich in mercy (2:4), rich in grace (2:7), rich in truth (3:8), and rich in power (3:16). God is rich. He has an unlimited storehouse of these things and more. He is infinite in every way. The fountain of God’s resources never runs dry. Their end will never be found. They have no end. They are unending.

On the other hand, we are needy. We lack everything. We have end. Our supply has only what is given to us. It must constantly be filled. To this end, our God delights in giving to us “according to the riches” He has (1:7). That is, out of the measure of His riches, He gives. But His riches are described as “immeasurable” (2:7) and “unsearchable” (3:8). If His surplus is unlimited, so is His giving. This is why His gifts are “lavished upon us” (1:8). He does not drip them upon our head frugally, but showers our whole body with abundance. He gives more than enough.

There are still some, even in Christ, who see themselves as never being rich because they confuse their needs with wants and are never satisfied with what they have. If they have Christ, they have it all. Why they seek to taste of what they do not need, I don’t understand. But, this was once how we all were—seeking for what does not satisfy, seeking dried up wells. What would happen if we were to seek the unending fountain of goodness? What would happen if we recognized the riches of God and saw that He delights in showering us with them?

My friend, turn to God now. Drink from His waters. Be satisfied from His abundance. He has more than enough. And, His riches are yours in Christ.

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