God’s Design for Marriage

Scriptures: Genesis 2:24-25
by Jacob Abshire on March 28, 2016

They shall become one flesh.

Genesis 2:24-25

After Adam and Eve were both made, and made for each other, the Bible says they were united in marriage. There is no mention of a celebration or ceremony. The emphasis is on God’s design, particularly five basic elements of marriage.

First, the marriage is between one man and one woman. There were no animals or plants involved in this marriage, nor were there any other people. God made Adam and Eve for marriage and called it good.

Second, the “man shall leave his father and his mother.” Obviously, God was using Adam’s marriage as a teaching story, for he had no parents. We are taught that the man is to shift his primary responsibilities to his wife. He is no longer obligated to his parents like he was before marriage.

Third, the man should “hold fast to his wife.” The man’s responsibilities to his wife involve a kind of passionate and permanent relationship. He is to be exclusive to her in his mind and in his heart. It is a bond that will last the rest of their lifetime.

Fourth, the man and woman should “become one flesh.” God unites the married couple immediately, but they will spend a lifetime getting to know each other intimately in all areas of the relationship. By following the roles God established for the husband and wife, to love and respect each other, God will bless them and enrich their marriage.

Finally, both of them should be open and free with each other. The bond of marriage brings with it a sense of transparency and honesty. The “man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.” Marriage, when it is God’s way, is free of humiliation. It is God’s design.

  1. What are your initial thoughts about marriage? Is God’s design for marriage the same design you see in your world?
  2. What do you think this design teaches us about God? How does God’s design for marriage bring us joy and Him glory?
  3. How does this help you today? If you are unmarried, how can you prepare for your future? If you are married, what sort of changes might you need to make?
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