God’s Day of Rest

Scriptures: Genesis 2:1-3
by Jacob Abshire on February 29, 2016

God blessed the seventh day and made it holy.

Genesis 2:1-3

God is all-powerful. He is full of unlimited energy and strength, so He does not get fatigued or tired. Yet, a strange thing is said about Him after six days of creation. On the seventh day, “He rested.” It would appear that God needed to replenish His energy and strength after six days of work, but this is not the case.

God did not cease all activity. He still upheld all that He created by His power. He only rested from the work of creation. It was finished, and it was very good. On the seventh day, He stopped performing the normal labor that characterized the preceding six days. And, because there was no evening and morning like the prior days, God continues to rest from this work, but He never ceases all activity.

The seventh day is a special day in the creation week and serves as a pattern even today. A week contains six days, with one being set apart as unique and made for rest. As the biblical story continues, this day of rest will be layered with special meaning. In Exodus, it will be called the Sabbath, a national day of rest and public worship. Jesus will describe it as a day made for mankind, meant to teach and bless. It eventually serves as a picture of the eternal rest that all who love Jesus will experience when the work of this life is over.

“God blessed the seventh day and made it holy.” For these reasons and many more, the seventh day is unique. When we remember the bigger picture of God’s story, we can see an even bigger meaning of this special day. God’s plan to glorify Himself through a redemptive plan was beginning. The stage was set in the first six days. God had providentially created every wind gust, raindrop, footstep, and eye blink for all time so that all of it would work to achieve His desired result—to give Him glory.

  1. How do you spend your Sunday? Do you worship with other believers and rest from the usual work of the weekdays?
  2. What does the day of rest tell us about God? How does it relate to His affection for us and the completion of His creation?
  3. How can we remember the day of rest and maintain the pattern today? What sort of changes will you need to make in your day of rest?
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