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Trust the Bible: A Companion Study Guide

Christianity has changed the lives of billions of people around the globe over the past 2,000 years. It is an undeniably powerful movement that has altered the trajectory of humankind forever. Yet with all of its history, with all of its influence, with all of its followers and believers, it all hinges on one thing—the Bible.

Like a skyscraper atop a single stone, the Bible is the foundation for all of Christianity. If it cannot be believed, if it is not reliable, if it is some fantastical story woven by men 2,000 years ago, then the whole thing comes tumbling down. But if it can, if it is, and if we can absolutely have confidence that the Bible is an accurate historical record, then the foundation of Christianity is far stronger than most realize.

This book was written to guide you through a series of lessons that prove the accuracy and reliability of the Bible, not from a religious perspective, but from a historical and logical point of view. We will journey through a building progression of evidence that seeks to answer the central question for all of Christianity—can we trust the Bible?

Lesson one will start the series off by pointing out the reasoning for understanding why the veracity of the Bible is important. Lesson two will look at the matter of how the Bible was translated. Lesson three will discuss the issues related to the many copies of the Bible found throughout the ages. The fourth lesson will answer the question of which books belong to the Bible and why we can be certain we have the divinely chosen ones. Lesson five will look at the writers of the Bible. Lesson six will focus on the miracles claimed in the Bible and how they relate to its veracity. Finally, the series will close by seeing how Jesus’ attitude toward scripture helps. Follow along and see if your trust in the Bible is strengthened.

Note: This book was written and produced by the creative writing team at Northeast Houston Baptist Church. Jacob Abshire was granted permission by Crossway to publish online for free as a companion study guide to Greg Gilbert’s Why Trust the Bible?