Transitioning into a more digital age has not been easy. There are aspects of the prior age that I am reluctant to leave behind. One is books. No, not Kindle or iBooks, but real books. I have a hard time letting go of holding a real book in my hand—the weight, the texture, the smell, the experience of turning a page, and highlighting a sentence. On the other hand, this digital age has so many advantages to it. One in particular motivated me to create The Preacher’s Library.

It is arguably necessary for a preacher to read and learn. I’ve committed myself to read much and often, but my memory hasn’t learned to keep up just yet. I forget easily—even with highlights and underscores. So I created an online app to help me overcome this. I essentially had three challenges:

  1. Finding all places where something specific is addressed.
  2. Finding all the books that my friends borrowed.
  3. Finding a particular book on my bookshelves.

The Preacher’s Library, named as such because I wanted to help preachers specifically.