[callout]Customers need a manageable website that comes with the complexities of a government yet fingerprints of a mouse.[/callout]

“I’ll be me and you be you.” I’m not sure where that came from, but it accurately says what every honest web designer thinks when he meets with his complicated client. To be clear, I mean overall web creator when I use the word “web designer”—not just the visual side. Web designs require both visual and functional creativity, and in many cases, clients want so much administration ability that they can render a web design a web disaster.

My philosophy is to be me and let the client be themselves. It always works out for the best.

Over the years, I’ve learned to cultivate working relationships with those who share this same understanding and respect. eControl helped me achieve that safe middle ground where the client easily maintains their website, without turning it into a disaster. It is a CMS framework with various easy-to-install extensions that cut development time in half, if not more. Yet, it retains the flexibility to accomplish anything a website requires—from a basic blog to a complex enterprise intranet.