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December 17, 2023

Getting the Jump on the New Year and Resolutions

Next week is Christmas, and we start a new year the week after. I want to get the jump on it. This means the usual resolution stuff like Bible reading, devo trends, and setting goals are in order.

Featured Articles

Years ago, I ditched my Bible reading plans to embrace what works for me—comprehensive reading. I typically read the Bible in 4-5 months this way, not that it’s race. Learn how I do it. Kevin Halloran has some additional thoughts.

Let’s talk about your devotional time. If it needs a recharge, let me recommend the SOAP method. It will clean your soul and supercharge your day. You don’t require a seminary degree to do it. Let me tell you about it. Next year, I’ll give you some examples from Ezra.

Resolutions are Christian when they are Christ-centered, duh. Grab a free copy of my CONQUER workbook. If you’ve got the blow, take a few courses at Redeeming Productivity.

Now, for some notable links …

#Christmas Kevin DeYoung tells Pastors not to get cute this Christmas and details the story of St. Nicholas, which is interesting. New Testament professor Michael Kruger dispels a few Christmas misconceptions. Finally, the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics shows God’s presence with ordinary workers in the birth of Christ, an encouraging read.

#Reading Folks are gearing up for annual reading challenges, like Tim Challies, who features a free poster from Visual Theology. Reagan Rose provides a video with tips for becoming a good reader and helps you read 50 in a year.

#Culture In case you missed it, the compelling documentary on churches fighting the shutdown, The Essential Church, is now available for download. A dear friend gifted me the movie on Apple TV, and after watching it, I can say that it is a must-watch. Or, you can grab the book God vs Government, which is equally beneficial.


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Weekly Wallpaper

“I will live for God. If no one else does, I still will.” These words have been attributed to Jonathan Edwards as a summary of his 70 Resolutions. As Christians, we should press forward in our opportunities to be productive and give God glory.

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Until next time.

For the Kingdom,
Jacob Abshire

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