Roundup of Easter Resources

If there is no resurrection of Jesus, there is no salvation (1 Cor. 15:19). For this reason, Paul emphatically incited us to “remember the resurrection” always (2 Tim. 2:8). Below are more than 30 free resources curated from the site to help you do this. With Easter on the horizon, this is a good way to draw you closer to Him.

Putting the Story Together

To get you started, here is an article putting all of the gospel accounts together in sequential order. See the story unfold from the resurrection to the ascension. With each event, there is a short explanation to help.

Remember the Resurrection

Written as a devotional and inspired by 2 Timothy 2:8, this collection follows key of the resurrection story to see sadness turned to excitement. You can download the free ebook, subscribe to the seven day email, or read the individual posts.

Download Remember the Resurrection Devotional eBook

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Sign Up for the 7 Day Devotional

Sign up for the seven day devotional related to the events on and after Jesus’ resurrection. You will be challenged and encouraged as we reflect on the interactions between the disciples during this unique and amazing time in history.

Visualize the Resurrection

Chronologically driven, this series of posts brings you face-to-face with the people who engaged the empty tomb and risen Christ. Each one poses a question that we too can ponder today. From weeping to worshipping, this series is visually posed to help you capture the moment.

Other Resources to Stir Your Affections

From contemporary signs to aged-old consequences of forgetfulness, here are some more readings to help prepare you for Easter.

Free Artwork

For those looking to “dress up” their computers and mobile devices, here is a collection of artwork created for the Easter season.