Remember the Resurrection: 7 Day Devotional eBook

by Jacob Abshire on March 24, 2015

How often do you remember the resurrection?

After a study of the events taking place after our Lord’s resurrection, I worked to consolidate the four gospels (with the first chapter of Acts) into chronological sequence. This helped me get a clearer context of the story.

Additionally, it caused me to focus on a number of questions asked throughout the Scriptures that resonated with my personal devotions. Each of these questions made me further contemplate the importance of the resurrection in my daily life. I want to pass those contemplations on to you.

After Jesus was crucified, His disciples were deeply troubled. You can feel their sadness leaking from the pages, as if their tears were captured in the closing of the Bible. They were saddened by His death. This is where we begin our devotional journey. We will ask ourselves as the angels asked Mary, “Why are you weeping?”

Then, we will follow along the story looking for those questions and inquiring of ourselves, thinking more deeply about the resurrection and what it means for us today. We will join the disciples and seek in wonder, see in amazement, savor in understanding, satisfy in assurance, surrender in reverence, and finally, share in excitement.

Together, with the Holy Scriptures, we will go back in time, walk with the disciples, and personally reflect on the importance of the resurrection. My aim in this devotional series is to help you become more mindful of the resurrection through life lessons on faith.

The devotional is divided into seven consecutive chapters, one for each day. Additionally, you can have these devotionals emailed to you each day for seven days by subscribing to the devotional email list.


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