Wallpaper: The Highest Holiness is the Deepest Humility

by Jacob Abshire on November 27, 2019

Andrew Murray, a South African pastor, wrote a little book on humility. In it, he related it to happiness. He describes perfect humility as “gladly glorifying in weakness.” Paul did this. He took “pleasure in all that brought him low.” He learned that “full conformity to his Lord in that self-emptying where he gloried in weakness, that God might be all.” Let this wallpaper design remind you that the highest holiness is the deepest humility.

“The highest lesson a believer has to learn is humility. Oh, that every Christian who seeks to advance in holiness may remember this well! There may be intense consecration and fervent zeal and heavenly experience, and yet if it is not prevented by very special dealings of the Lord, there may be an unconscious self-exaltation with it all. Let us learn the lesson: the highest holiness is the deepest humility.

(Andrew Murray, Humility: Beauty of Holiness)

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