Deck the Halls with Sounds of Christmas: My 2023 Seasonal Playlist

by Jacob Abshire on December 4, 2023

It’s been a decade since I updated my Christmas playlist. As the frost begins to glisten on the windowpanes and the scent of pine fills the air, it’s time again to embrace the warmth and joy of the Christmas season. I invite you to journey with me through a symphony of festive melodies that echo the timeless story of our Savior’s birth. From the reverent echoes of ancient carols to the joyful rhythms of modern Christmas anthems in hip-hop, this playlist is a handpicked collection of albums and songs that I enjoy. Let’s turn up the volume and let these tunes fill our homes and hearts, reminding us of the incredible love and grace that Christmas represents.

Mostest Wonderfullest Time of the Year

KJ52 and Spechouse give holiday classics a hip-hop twist, creating a lively Christmas soundtrack for those who love a modern spin on traditional tunes. It’s my favorite.

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Warmer in the Winter

Lindsey Stirling features her signature violin, blending classical and pop for a magical Christmas feel. Infusing traditional songs with a vibrant twist, this album of instrumental and vocal tracks is ideal for a festive, lively holiday mood.

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How Many Kings: Songs for Christmas

Downhere’s album is a classic mix of pop-rock and soulful ballads, reflecting on Christ’s birth. The standout title track merges Christmas joy with Gospel truths, offering a harmonious celebration for those seeking festivity and faith

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Heck Ya the Halls, Vol 1 & 2

Aaron Strumpel and Latifah Phillips rejuvenate Christmas classics with a fresh, soulful twist in their 2016 album. Their innovative arrangements of songs like “O Holy Night” offer a unique and festive celebration of the season.

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Joy: An Irish Christmas

The Gettys’ album expertly combines traditional Irish music with hymns, infusing Celtic charm into beloved Christmas classics, echoing the nativity’s true essence for those who cherish it.

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This Good Night is Still Everywhere

Dustin Kensrue’s album brings a gritty, soulful edge to Christmas music with its bluesy rock sound. Infusing traditional themes with a fresh, rock vigor, it’s perfect for those who enjoy a thoughtful twist on holiday tunes

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Behold: The Complete Set

Lauren Daigle’s album offers soulful, jazzy renditions of Christmas classics. Her rich voice blends traditional melodies with contemporary Christian music, creating a reflective and joyous celebration of the Christmas story.

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Marc Martel brilliantly blends classic and contemporary styles, refreshing timeless holiday classics with his warm, soulful voice. This album is perfect for a modern yet familiar holiday soundtrack.

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Gift Wrap: A Hip Hop Christmas

Cross Movement’s album mixes hip-hop beats with Christmas spirit for an engaging holiday experience. Their faith-driven rhymes offer a fresh take on seasonal joy, ideal for fans of contemporary rhythms and Christian themes.

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