Remember the Resurrection

by Jacob Abshire on June 6, 2014

“Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, the offspring of David, as preached in my gospel” (2 Tim. 2:8).

These were Paul’s words to Timothy, who was reluctant in ministry but not forgetting his Savior. To remember Jesus Christ is not to be reminded of the Savior you’ve forgotten, but to be mindful of the Savior you need. It is to set your mind on Jesus Christ.

Here, Jesus is depicted as the supreme model of faithful living. He was the devoted soldier (2 Tim. 2:2), the dedicated athlete (2 Tim. 2:3-4), and the diligent farmer (2 Tim. 2:6). He is the blueprint of gospel faithfulness and worshipful ministry.

Remember all that Jesus Christ modeled and all that Jesus Christ is. He is risen from the dead—proving His righteous life and divine nature. He is the offspring of David—proving His kingly reign and human nature. Jesus is both divine and human. He is God in flesh—fully divine and fully human.

This hypostatic union breathes motivating life into Christ’s followers who need to fulfill their ministry. How? By reminding us of our good model and divine power. Though human, Christ was never defeated. And all ministry that is in and through Christ will be triumphant just the same.

The gospel, which is centered on Jesus, is our ministry that spans across all life’s challenges and responsibilities. The gospel is to be taught and treasured in every aspect of our day. To do this, we must be mindful of our supreme model—the Lord Jesus Christ, who became human to make a way for us to have divine power.

To help you remember the resurrection, here is the wondrous story pulled from the Gospels and Acts with reminders to help you reflect on Jesus Christ, risen from the dead and offspring of David. Each asks a question right from the narrative and indicates a progressive story line in which Christ’s disciples go from sadness to sharing.

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